Commission a design

If you would like to commission a Qershi sculpture based on your own idea or you are simply interested in the process here are the steps involved.

Using the Sweet Kitty sculpture I will explain the process.

First, the client provided me with their thoughts and ideas. In the case of ‘Sweet Kitty’ the request was for a sculpture of a cat to use as a cake topper for a Christening cake. Not only would it adorn the cake but also become a keepsake. The client wanted the final sculpture to be petite and we agreed on approximately 3.5 inches high and wide. Please note that all measurements are approximate because I am creating each sculpture from wire, which is not an accurate science.

Once the brief was established I then quoted the cost for ‘Sweet Kitty’. The client then paid for the sculpture using PayPal and then I began work beginning with the sketching process (shown below).

Once I was happy with the sketch I emailed it to the client who then approved the final stage of sculpting Sweet Kitty.

The time frame from initial consultation to holding a Qershi sculpture in your hand is no more than a month. This is because I design and then I make each and every sculpture by hand and therefore I require time in order to achieve the high quality that I stand for.

Qershi Website:   Qershi Etsy Shop

Design Sketch by Qershi©2013

Design Sketch by Qershi©2013


Final Sweet Kitty based on the above sketches

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