Birthday Cake Toppers

The perfect birthday or christening cake embellishment to celebrate your special day and beyond

Silver wire is the main material used to make each individual cake topper. I generally use non-tarnish but if you prefer sterling silver wire that has been untreated then that is also possible. Gold wire is also available upon your request.
Your choice between non-tarnish silver wire, sterling silver wire and gold will impact the cost of the cake topper, simply because of the cost of the materials. Other materials used for embellishment can include Swarovski crystals, pearls, glass beads, vintage beads and even one of your grandmothers brooches.
The sizes stated under each image are approximate and can be increased to any size that you desire. Of course the increase in size will impact the final cost of the cake topper.

Please pop into the Qershi Etsy store to purchase your own Qershi cake topper.

Below are a couple of examples of my Birthday/ Christening cake toppers.

A cake topper for all of us that are cat lovers.

Sweet Kitty Cake Topper

Sweet Kitty: [Non-tarnish silver wire with Swarovski
Approx. Height: 7.5cm (3 inches).  Approx. Width: 10.5cm (4 inches)


I am Sailing

The sailing boat represents life’s mystical journey

I Am Sailing: [Non-tarnish silver wire with Swarovski crystal embellishments.]

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