I am in the business of : Love, Romance and Memories

Qershi lives in a world of imagination, whimsy and creation. Where simple daily things; a tree, a blade of grass can incite ideas for ethereal wire sculptures or visual illuminations. Her world transcends reality and embraces Qershiality.

Qershi designs and hand crafts collectible cake toppers, sculptures and illustrations to add to the celebration of a special day and beyond. The cake toppers can adorn wedding cakes, christening cakes and of course birthday cakes. In addition to the objects adorning a cake after the special day they can then sit wistfully on your mantle, dressing table or in a cabinet.

The materials used to create each object include silver wire, crystals and pearls. Qershi hand makes each object by carefully twisting, curling and weaving silver wire into three dimensional forms. Each design is individual as it is impossible to create two identical forms (and why would I want to). It is the magic of watching a strand of silver wire evolve into a unique object that drives Qershi.

I have an Etsy shop called Qershi if you would like to buy any of my products.

I also have a website  www.qershi.com

Best wishes, Qershi


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