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I am truly amazed by the range of challenges that my creative pursuits offer me. The latest one is Photography. As some of you know I am a graphic designer, illustrator and artisan and the expertise that come along with those disciplines demand a certain level of patients and attention to detail. However, the demands of those disciplines pale in the face of ‘art object photography’.

Of course, in complete alignment with everything I do, I have chosen to photograph complex wire sculptures whereby the negative space is greater than the positive. Therefore, the composition and lighting have to be carefully designed to enhance enough of the positive so that the viewer can identify the object while at the same time create a sense of drama and atmosphere of the negative space.

In the two photo’s of the baby elephant I have focused on the eyes first because it is human nature for us to focus on eyes, whether they are human or animal we want the eyes to be clear. Next I have attempted to bring the elephants ears into secondary focus with the intention of providing a visual descriptor/ hint of the animal and then your eyes should move to the trunk to reinforce that this object is in fact an elephant. Finally, your eyes should move to into the out of focus body area and into the bright white up to the soft green grey and then follow the same cycle of eye movement.

Love Qershi