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Cat on my shoulderCat-on-Bed

The past few days, or perhaps it has been weeks or even months. Life has been difficult. I have a daughter who once was a boy, she is beautiful, delicate and at times very, very fragile. Her fragility and the impact of a harsh world on her- breaks my heart. My tears drain my strength so I reach deeper and deeper within me so that I can be of some help. It is creativity that provides the self nurturance, it provides the space for me to gain perspective and then to breath some hope into her life.

What truly amazes me is that in the midst of harshness and struggle I create illustrations and sculptures that are so ‘delicate’ and dare I say ‘feminine’. I am amazed because I never considered myself as a feminine but rather more masculine in my approach to life. However, my creative work does not lie but exposes a softness in me that I am beginning to surrender to.

Here are a couple of draft illustrations that I have created on my iPad. I am developing a new technique one that is more spontaneous than my usual highly detailed almost OCD refined digital illustrations. The iPad has offered me a digital medium that is spontaneous and very close to the traditional approach of coloured pencils on paper. It will be a style that will support me to illustrate a Children’s book in a relaxed and mediative state providing relief from my other more intense approaches to creativity.

Once I have defined my new style I will be using it to illustrate a Children’s book titled “The Dawn is Nigh”. I will post each page of the book until it is complete and then I will bind it into a Children’s book App and offer it on iTunes.

Love Qershi xx