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Jacaranda Tree

I love the Jacaranda tree and I live in a street that is lined with them. Right now the Jacaranda’s are covered with a mass of purple blossoms. Each time the wind blows hundreds of tiny blossoms fall to create a purple carpet under each tree.

The Jacarandas transform my humble street into a location for romance. Visitors both international and local stand in the middle of the road to take a photo in order capture the moment. Recently, a bride and groom stepped out of a white limousine and posed together under the trees.

The Jacaranda in bloom entices couples to linger and to dream. Their beauty somehow signifies hope and the prospect of happy times.

The Jacaranda in bloom takes me back to my husband and my first home, the home that my baby girl was born into. It was a tiny 1920’s cottage with colorful leadlight windows and oak floorboards. The back yard was tiny and right in the middle was a 30foot Jacaranda tree. Each spring the Jacaranda would bloom and then cover the entire back yard with purple blossoms. Many happy memories were made sitting under the Jacaranda tree.