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I have been a little quiet on WordPress over the past few days and that is because I am in the creating and making cycle. My wire sculptures and illustrations are very time intensive, which means disappearing into my creative world for at least 6 hours a day. I am not complaining because the time spent in my imagination is wonderful. The physical world disappears and I enter a very gentle and nurturing space that is dreamlike. My husband and daughter have become used to me disappearing into my imagination and have stopped trying to engage me in conversations because I simply do not register their presence. They do not take offence anymore, which is a relief and recently I have noticed that my daughter now escapes into her imagination (she is an author).

Below is a snippet of my latest illustration that has a Christmas theme. I am only providing a snippet because it is not complete and the next stage involves kinetic movement, which is also time intensive but a lot of fun.

Before I go I would like to acknowledge ‘you’ (WordPress blogger) for your intelligent, thoughtful and respectful comments and support. I am on a few blogs and WordPress shines above all others.